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Bathroom Renovation Melbourne

Bathroom Renovation
CND is professional bathrooms tiler in Melbourne. Perfect Tiled Bathrooms idea is one of the most crucial areas that creates a lasting impression, contact us for the ideal design which will leave a lasting impression.
Kitchen Renovation
At present Kitchen Tiling, is becoming attractive in Melbourne Most of the Home Renovations begin with the Kitchen. It is necessary to select the perfect tiles for the perfect look, although acknowledging durability.
General Indoor Tiling
Tiles are perfect for all indoor areas including Kitchens, Lounge Room, Bedrooms, & more, Indoor Tiles have many benefits including being easy to clean durable and available in a wide range of styles to suit any décor.

Kitchen Renovation Melbourne

Commercial Tiling
You can let our commercial tilers in Melbourne produce a flawless finish to your building, giving a welcoming and professional appearance to create a clean atmosphere for guests, customers & clients
Residential Tiling
We have the expertise and experience to handle your residential concrete and tile flooring installation. Tiles are available in a variety of materials including, Concrete, Ceramic,Porcelain, Marble etc.
Tiles Resurfacing
Tile resurfacing converts the look of old bathroom wall tiles without the process of retiling or ripping the tiles. Moreover Tile resurfacing is more affordable and has the benefit of preventing grout mould.

Indoor Tiling

Tiles Renovation
We aim to provide all of the tilings works with high-quality standards. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our services include direct wall and flooring tile work such as in toilet renovations and balcony tiling works.
Tiles Restoration
We give tile Restoration service in affordable prices with a complete renovation in modern terms. Full renovation of tiles is a expert process. So, we use all tools as well as we give spare tiles to avoid delay and inefficiency in work.
Tiles Installation
Tile installation requires a proper subfloor preparation to prevent water damage to ensure a long-lasting floor. Whether its cement board or a tile baker base, we make sure we have all the necessary materials for installation.

Outdoor Tiling

Tiles Replacement
Replacement of tiles requires a professional recovery, so contact us for any types of tiles repair, doesn't matter if it is for the Bathroom, Kitchen, walls and floors, Laundry, Balcony & more.
Tiling Grouting
Health benefits also come with regrouting. By getting rid of all mould, dirt, mildew, and other substances, you are going to be avoiding what could turn into severe respiratory issues.
CND provides the services of Tile Screeding in Melbourne. One of the main reasons of floor failure is to avoid the cracked screeds. Keep reading to be aware of dealing with cracks and screeds.

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